Sunday, October 30, 2011

Never to return

I've been drenched in your love. And am dreaded still
That I could see no tomorrow if never comes this night
This night alludes me. Of the want that can kill
Till I see thee near me. And till you bring in me the light

Nor did I see you all day. And fear I can no more wait
Your smile can only fill my thirst. But no joy ever can.
I rushed to care for you, mind? Now you ought be no more late.
Fate that speaks for itself. And fate that held down this man.

I spoke not of thy beauty. I never could be so mean.
For you would desert me till death. And that left me daunted.
Never be it if you ever were to return. A moment that be seen
Queen, shall I not praise thee, of the world I never conquered.

Wonder that I never bespoke that you are in every that is mine
My breath, my eyes, my mind, and the solitude that you had stolen
I know, I know. You are gone forever but still I'm all thine
Nine of my lives I owe to penance. No greater can my pain be swollen.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The counts

I count over my fingers, all that many moments
I've been distanced from being within your care
All of those that had thoroughly consumed me
All of those that impaired my mental faculties,
Vitiated my psyche and obliviated my cognition
I feel to this very instant the living death I've had
The very feeling that time had held my breath,
And strangled me till my life was nigh oozed out,
And last dribble of my blood seemed to wither away
Oh! Am I alive? Or am I at the gates of infernal hell?
I can no more feel the pain for my senses have
Exterminated by their-selves- for the thirst that'd never
Been quenched, the smell that was never smelt
For the warmth that never soothed my turbulent heart
And for the form that existed within me has ne'er been
Formed by my eyes again- by the beams of my hope.
Dead or alive, whatever be me. If alive I shall one day
Feel your beat. If dead you certainly shall feel my soul.
Awake I'd be till that moment. And I shall count'em all.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Damsel at window ...

While you peep into the world out of your cocoon
The sun shines with an aura and blush those stars
Which hide into the veil of the cloudy shades
A subtle smile from your moon like countenance
Can trample even the most callous hearts
And hath it's presence into deepest of dreams
With the slenderness of a french damsel
And tenderness of a fresh spawned rose
While you hold my unrelenting gaze towards you
And cherish in my memories which have born just
Shalth not any man give away his world for you?
For the priceless moments that forever brings those
Blissful images that are to forever stay into mind? Nay.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


While running the repertoire of our lives' routine
Our mind tends to become forgetful
Of the subtleties that had once been immensities
That had occupied even the subtlest of our being itself
But as time does the defiling of its nature,
Those moments tend to loose their sheen
And obliviated be those who'd its very substance been.

In the moment I realized that it was you and
Your memories, whose form failed to contain in me
I erupted into what would else-wise be perceived
To be in a state of utter chaos. I but pledge
That my reverence to you and my fidelity
Towards you - be sustained until my last breath
And until the least of my living symbionts.

With this promise I shall now emancipate myself
From the restraints that have been binding me here
To this mean world. And shall undergo the catharsis
Of the worldly emotions and materials except
For your enigma, and for the veritable beauty that you are
Which alone, I believe can sublime my existence to eternity.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Starry Night ...

Oh! Such a beautiful starry night
I'm amazed to gaze into it's deeps
Adorned the way you bejewel self
With the pearls that twinkle over you
To the days you filled the light
And the colours of my life that ye were
It pulled me back, to moments I'd been in
This deja vu I'm now feelin'
Far not love. It feels only yesterday.
The days we made together
But it feels for-ever and far as ever
Hopeful tomorrow each moment I look for.

All a sudden it's become clouded
It felt just like that day we parted
Into their gloomy shadows faded
Each of those beauties I'm now deprived
When until shall I wait for thee?
For the rain of love you to pour over me
Withering I am in all the blood
And case the same with my breath
Save me heart and fill me with life
And with your care to vigorate mine
I beg, I beg till your heart shalt melt
And till my soul's pain, to you it reacheth.

Friday, August 26, 2011

A past...

When I tend to read through my memory
I recognize you were there a past full
This moment may not be so far, but what
I felt, it had happened a life away
May be that it was only a dream, Or
May be when I was passive to the world
I now realize it was really real and true it was
But that only I lie helpless here
It welters my heart as though my breath
Swooned until lies in me- else but no life
And like I had a terrible pouring of ever
Distressing times which fail to leave me
What at all shall I do for me?
Shall I erase all the past I fancied each day? Or
Shall I move into a tranced inane self?
I seek no answers from thee. Not a silence either.
Yeah, how would you know for you'd never
Looked into me. Alas! You'd ever wanted not.
I'm turning this page down and never I shall moan
For that was just a memory which I'd just un-sown.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Libertine, as though I'm, in thoughts and actions
Yet strangled into the mores of this world, by time
The scruple - only one of such- that turns up in me
Is for your sake, for your preeminence in my mind
That I take forth along with my humble senses
And that I fantasize to be in the Elysium of earth
As I lie in you, looking into your calmly eyes
While dreaming of my future that I'd vested with you
You but tantalize me and deprive me
Of thimbleful pleasure, your love, that I seek
For that be the lone sake I here remain
I can blissfully pass - let be it- to the infernal world
Or paradise. I possess no qualms or angst for this.
I hope that the Libertine in me would unfurl
As my soul would flow far. And fly farther
From you, and your bonds. It's not far from now.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Our days pass as though we haven't known each other
As you veered into a world of oblivion, while I still wake for day
In hope of hearing your word, while strangely it wanders in me
Through all those memories that reap me down to nothingness
Relentlessly they remind me of our times that truly were ours

While all the world I knew was just you and me and the sand castles
That I built while you broke right into'em. Yet smiling your way
With an innocent blush which compelled me to hold no grudge for you
Yes I remember them, those empty days when you deserted me
What did I know of anything? I missed none but your shoulders

And the days of our play. While we ran past air and you crouch
So as to lead me into your pranks and raise to slap me over
I could never manage your peppy moves but again they waver me
Away and then so far you went. Mind I wept for thee unspoken
Times, each I had none to express. What say I ? And who else to?

Lo all these years so away we were. Holds us still, the tender affection
We built while we played and fought under the same sun and rain
Sharing the deep emotions and pains through a flimsy veil of friendship
That bonds us and closes-in, in its love and holy spirit, protecting forever
In possession I'm- a gem, the closest of my friends that you are.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Her fondered child...

The pearls that flow from your eternal eyes
To the womb of mother earth, while
Her swollen hearts' pain tumults her
As she's enraged against the cause
Of the distress you holdeth in thy mind
She can not see her fondered child
A pristine wonder, you, to carry forth
The agony of the worlds that she once
Bore into herself, while being bereft
Of all the heavenly delights
For you, which she parted with
Yet this moment brings her to dire past
That she never wanted you to even glimpse
But as time fabricated and schemed this
To impose upon you, it's wrath

For I beholden to her, my life
She turned to me, as I promised her
To protect you like your shadows
And to be with your tear drops in thine eyes
To cleanse and faden your pains
I'm here for her promise, I'm here for you
I'm here for this life, to walk you through.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I walk. I tread. And I stagger. I then fall.
For the promise I had made, even if I had to crawl
Waketh I. To carry moments parting us and the step each
My eyes nearing you. For all the strength, I beseech
His almighty.And over and over your name I drawl.

Brings me to our days, the hope that I carry along
Along with my dwindling breath and my sapless song
I wonder. If my memory is what I am, why taketh not it
To that priceless age. Yes aware I am it taketh all grit
For passing to you, to your shelter- the last of I long.

While even nature has pouncing upon- as it whips me
And by the mares that oppress and that make me flee
Deprived I'm, of sleeping with beautiful nights
And ceasing to the netherworld is among my frights
Yet it's for you. That such world, still binds me free

The way I was bewitched and enchanted, I'm reminiscent,
By your eternal charm which rendered me nescient
For all those blissful instants I was before you, except
For all the delighted and animated of my senses' percept
This very spell you had on me keeps my journey incessant.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A feeling...

In the moments while musing over the deepness of your eyes
My mind traverses through the strangest of the worlds

It's the feeling about you which entwines my spirits
To your hallowed and revered smile which enraptures me
At the merest gander. Confines me, your serene demeanor
To the microcosmic expanse comprised only of our souls

Luxuriant expressions you bear over your countenance
Alludes me to the beauties of seas. Resembles your hands
To the tender ones of mermaids awaiting their mates
I can only see twinkling stars in your blinking eyelashes

With your voice as mellifluous as the notes of a clarinet
A peaceful composure creeps in and substantiates my form
While flows from you, music of rarest and angelic delicacies
That surpasses in merit, the sweetest of nightingales

Your dance innervates me and I'm enmeshed and lost
Into the intricate pattern your foot steps make, which
Is indelibly inked in my heart, my eyes and my psyche
I've become a slave of your art and am caught up in you

Enamored by your beauty without which I be enfeebled
It's that feeling that forever binds my spirits to you.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love you...

I was walking down lane when I saw you first
For a moment I'd forgotten my origins
I felt the fragrance of the most piquant perfumes
And the ethereal space around me was filled
With your images floating around, yet holdeth not I
Subtlest of my senses titillated at your presence
Sheer heavens, called I the world for it created you
The touchstone of beauty and acme of perfection of god
Momentously my heart developed a craving for you
Love that never existed- invigorated in my soul
I'd found myself lost in your thoughts
If god giveth me a boon, I asketh his grace thy presence
With you, I conquer death and the cosmos
My love for you transcends to the farthest
And nigh impossibly imperceptible horizons
I love you to the depth of seas and that of skies
I love you my love. I love you.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A murder in the Villa

Lady of the house wakes from her repose
Her eyes seem to still be in lassitude
And her countenance in a state of morose
She pulls her night robes and asks
her maid to belt the corset and gown
Trembling and quivering walks she, briskly
To her man who was to head for town
As she closes him, she collapses into tears
Narrates the phantasm she bore that night
About gruesome creatures that flew over her
And macabre masquerade she danced in fright
She begs him not to desert her the time
He takes the mistress into his shoulders
And kisses her on forehead and construes her
Of the loss imminent, less the business
Comes she into her wits and let's him to way

Distressed and dreaded still, she moves to attic
And lies for a nap. A heavy voice nears to her
In a blink she finds herself in a castle, frantic
A man in black cloak walks her to the ball
While she asks if it was all a dream
"Yes my lady", answers he, "You're with death.
The ruler of this place and our supreme.
He's accepted you as a part of our spirit"
Palpitantly she runs towards a window
And jumps off, to only wake up in a shrill
None would come to her except for her shadow
She finds herself again, in midst of night
Lightly she walks and treads, as does a cat
And crawls she like a reptile. None yet in sight
Only until a strange sound filled the space

She rushes and gets into her possession a knife
Blunt enough to bruise and sharp enough to pierce
This side. Nah! That side. Echo is all at rife
Waves of tremor rippled down to her heart
At the door! Tells her mind of something bleak
She stands by it's side and awaits the moment
And then opens the door with creak and a squeak
Steady is she, like a pard that does for it's pray
At the flash of it's entrance, she jumps on
And stabs into it's neck and thumps it down
Follows a cry of pain and a cry of groan
She crouches to see and turns it around
A moment of stillness. Her heart freezes
Her blood seizes to flow. Her mind stagnates
Her vitality seems to end in all creases
As she realizes she murdered her own man.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Boredom ...

We've here many phases, that walk us down a day
Common to rejected, also to the dejected- nay
Ones we live with and those that've us, surround
Boredom creeps in our lives, and gets by- frowned

No one to share and noneth work that fits our flair
Nor we shall prepare. For we know, we be in despair
It pulls us from all there, and yes does from here
No more can we bear. Yet couldn't stop us to sere

Days go on this way, and all our nights- they pass away
What to light shall we say? And what to light shall we say?...:(

Can I be of worth some? After all I'm turning phantom
Not atleast gruesome. And not atleast beyond fathom
World seems like a desert with not an oasis around
Boredom creeped into my life, and had me all drowned

Each moment I'm on- counting, still time lays me waiting
Ah! Sleep does no abating, have no one that does the waking
Slowly my mind is corroding and something I see in, erazing
Feareth I while it's fazing, feareth I as it does the razing

Nights go on this way, and all my days- they pass away
what to stars shall I say? And what to stars shall I say?...:(

Sunday, June 5, 2011

L'amour immortel...

The moment I've seen you in my real senses
My emotions galvanized into an excitement
Which in my notions, have taken a living form
Alongside me, sharing elan vital of my existence

I've conceived you in my thoughts, and nurtured you
And this contour of yours has already become myself
You are in my shadows along with mine, silhouetted
And even in the most tenuous of my substance

With my art, I've molded you into the most exquisite
And most elegant beauty, the worlds have ever known
Mere sight at your sumptuous visage cause in me
An ensemble of music and dance, which pulsate my heart

Into this very creation of mine, I'm consumed in
Wherein lies my thoughts and my implicit presence
You've become a prisoner of my eyes, the thirst
Of which can only be gratified by your poignance

I offer you now the wine of my love by which
I shall immortalize you and we would transcend
To the blissful paradise I've structured for us
In armor of love, where we shall live in perpetuum.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reveries ...

When people talk about memories
All what they want is to reel back time
To the moments of play and days of fun
Which they miss and that are tending to fade

But this poor being has them here engrossed
Each and every moment from past, deeply sorbed
And fenced into the very fabric of my thoughts
They've already become a part and so define me

They tend to cause to create inchoate fantasies
Composed I am of, which prempt my faculties
I'm caught up in reveries, in dawn and dusks
My eyes form a clear projection of the same

My mind turns into a delirium of joy and of pain
While smile floats up- me and tears crawl down
I don't miss them anymore. For I'm taken into them
As if time has played charades with me, I'm lost in

This new world of reminiscences, I'm longing
To remain there and I'm skeptic if I'm ever to return
Dreams are the only place in this world. That show us
Reflections of memories. And compliment of the reality.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Miss you...!!!

If you ask how far, I would say worlds apart
I heard from you last, not a less, feel a decade past

Yet you are near to me, right here in my heart's cove
And I hear you close, through the music of my love

It's out of count now. The times I broke of the pains
That rips me off and Ah! Gushing through my veins

I can't bear any more. Still I keep things to my chest
But one day sure, the feelings may rush out, I lest

If only words express love, I shalt fail to venture mine
Eyes and voice, and my soul's essence, all render me thine

If I am calm and still, my care for you is no less
Only that I wait for you and your word, to have me in bliss

I have no birds here, that carry my sonnets to thee
And tell you how much I miss you, and my hope to see!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


The incomprehensible little things

They are there. In the books of love
And follow each moment. Of joy and pain

Yes the pain for love and that from same
And all the joys of this world

In all these moments your mind is calm
But there goes in your heart, a wavy psalm

Our soul is incomplete without these pearls
For the burst of feelings and all the snirls

When the words end on the tip of tongue
It's up for the eyes to churn the unsung

Poor beings. Our hearts have only one language
With tears and beats, they speak the passage

All those lovely moments of this rain
And the ones who caused this sweet pain

They are buried here forver
Deep in my heart's tranquil river

I'm poor at words to tell any more
Let me do with another run of sore :(

Thursday, May 5, 2011

In my dreams...!!!

I walked alongside, caressing her hairs
As she smiled and dispelled drops of rain over

Her presence drew remotest of my senses to life
And poured into my eyes, a jovial shine of joy

With an enigmatic gesture, she murmured then hushed
While I got a glimpse of her cheeks, blushed

For a moment I found myself baffled and numbed
Yet I couldn't get the lingo of my damsel unravelled
She closed my eyes and whispered, "My love!
For you I breathe and for you I live

The very rhythm of my heart says it's you.
And the utterance of your name makes me blew.

I stay here safe and I stay here still.
In the warmth of my heart, you here until.

I don't want else. Anything on this earth.
For you are my heaven and there's not a dearth"

Will you care for me and walk with me dear?
And let me into your lap, my home forever."

Her love is divine and had got me enslaved
I found my prize for which I craved

No bounds and limits. I'm the happiest man
With her and the love, I win, it's the world I can

I wake up to find
That was a dream.

I got her, yes!
Oh! Not yet I guess.

I shall but one day
And she'll be mine

But hey! Who's she there
And how shall I find!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy birthday Sachin ...!!!

On the shoulders of giants we are
With the shadows of saints we walk

Some are here to share love with us
And some, here for our pains' shares

You've an origin that's so humble
And ferocity making opponents crumble

There were times both good and bad
Challenges wherein our adrenaline had seethed

But you walked us down all the path
Sober and patient. With only smile and no wrath

I remember that day I wanted to be you
Until I realised u're God, and it's true

World knows it. That we be it's lords
Till you are with us. It forever accords

I'm here right now. Under your sheathe
On the land with air, you walk and breathe

Our nation is proud for your services to her
With gratitude and price that couldn't be repaid for

And yet another year to come
You're going to fill joy in our lives
I'm sure sir. You deserve the greatest honour.

Wishing you a very very delightful birthday...!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Little Lullaby

Our earth's place where joy and pain
Co-exist in the hearts of us-poor people
But dear! I know another world
Where there are no brawls and no miseries
Where you are left free like a fawn
Embraced only by nature and by heavens
And you will be showered with all of the love
You'd ever wanted and you'd ever need
In pay only of your smiles

Yes dear! It's that world of dreams
Dreams that come true and dreams that take you
To the edge of our universe
It's a peaceful and tranquil place
Like that of our own shoon
That you can walk through and feel the delight
You've heard of it before
But today you'll discover yourself
Places neither I nor you've ever known

Forget everything around.
Yes me and you too

Let this lull ring in your heart
While your mind seeps into peace
Heavens are open now. Sleep well angel!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Capricious Life

The moments set before us
And the events that take a turn

All have a part to play
In what this life has to lay

Each of them carries along
Wisdom and it's very own song

There are hands to conjure upon you
And many challenges to get through

It takes the pain of a life
To fight and forget each strife

But yet my friend, I have a say
The caprices all aren't forever to stay

If you fight alone. Sure it's tough
But together are we. No more is it gruff

Let time decide where our paths be led
We shall but converge where before we said

The trick of life is here revealed
Let the joy and pain be all unveiled

Share and spread what you feel
Ligher and better your heart would reel

Take life just as a present
That you carry without any resent

You'll love all those moments
As you do, a cologne's scents

Remember this forever
You'd be happy as ever

Saturday, April 2, 2011

To my Stranger, with Love

Amid crackles of its routine I heard, lying down, rhythm of her footsteps
While vestiges of her perfume filled the air as she walked unto me

Being tweaked by her soft and keen voice, I sprang swiftly to face her
Not a tick waiting. Her countenance had a morning’s shine and glow

She had the air of a prima ballerina. And the eloquence of a Bharat-Natyam artist
With a face fledged and apparently holding the charm of moon in full

Eyes with an astral sparkle seemed pure and serene, just as those of newborns
Expressive and vivid eyes of her had the power of delivering sensuous pleasure

Little brows fixed like crescents in dark mesmerize at the very sight
When each of them dance together or apart, reminded me of mythical angels

Her hairs had the beauty of a frozen fall and her rosy lips did enthrall
It seemed as if Venus had herself chiseled this piece of art and poured life in

After being lost into a while of doze I got into senses and could hear her
I mumbled while doting upon her smile, the effect of which would persist long

If facial gestures were by itself a language, she had the command of a linguist
And delectable was her expressive mood. A tacit lullaby and an aura of subtlety

For a stare into her eyes a smile would return. The price of which is eternity
And for a gaze into her smile her eyes would speak. In the language of heavens

The day had passed while I’d learnt her jargon
But she disappeared into her way while I’d drawn the paragon

Richer by that day and poorer by other nights
No more were the eyes and no more were the smiles

I regretted in the moment that I weren’t a painter
For the memories of her - only turned fainter

Can I not find them. Hey can I not search them?
Not just in my dreams but even in the gleams

Oh my stranger. Miss you a much
My dear stranger. Not before as such

Monday, March 28, 2011

Broken hearts...

A wait, a restraint, and a hope
What not, this purging heart, has been left to
The love can no more be stinted
Nor can the feelings be quenched, you're no one
To do so, to break so- though it's you that started
No more it is, there left with you, the control of it
It's a bloody ocean. Of twisted tales and blunted souls.
You know not, how the gossamer of my dreams build you up
You occupied a territory. Can never let go.
Floating memories of you. They have already consumed me.
A body of flesh with decadent spirits can never go on- this very way
Future seems bleak. Are you in still?
It'll be late. And I can no more wait.
You know. I bear no grudge. It's Upto you.
You know your mistake. Your heart does.
This is the last note I leave.
A second or so, I'll be there.
Hope it would be free of this. Everything.
Even you and me. I'll rest there now.
Bye dear. If ever. No never.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy woman's day ... everyone...!!!

"The pain and the pleasure,
Of being a woman - can only be known by being one !
You are or you aren't, but can sure - feel the empathy!
To be a woman, you are blessed,
To be a woman, is your boon,
The other half isn't cursed, but are surely the one, that lacked !
For the love they have shown, For the love they have showered
For the love u see, every day in their pure eyes
Be she your caring mother
Or a sweet and little sister
Be she your, best of the friends
Or your lady love
Make the day a special one- a day she shall remember
For the rest of life,
As your love's souvenir
The token, she'll remember, forever !!"

Friday, March 4, 2011

Chords of life

Read with stress on first few words each aloud and read with a cadence. You'll feel the difference.

"Life is like string of a guitar
When there is someone to strike it's chords, it sounds good
When there is none, it sits at a corner mourning
Likewise if you find none to touch your heart
You still go on - but you are short of something
So subtle is that thing - the feeling - the difference
You'll know it every moment - but can't pin it down
Until you find the right plectrum
That's the right person - ask him/ her
Not just to be a part of life
But if can strike your inner chords - the deeper heart
To be truly a changer - of every moment of yours
The one who can fill that subtle gap
That's what you must be in search of
Through time and through space
Sure, one day you will know - You will find
Then you win it all...Yourr life... !!!"

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A random enquiry into thoughts

It's not what I want
But What I want to be
It's not where I am
But where I want to see myself
I go not until I'm dragged
But unto then, till spirits don't sag
I accept this world as a gift,
To play with and to grow with
Not to break it apart nor to harm it's soul
Soul where in, lies the perfect peace
Soul where out,lies the clearest path
Path carved for you and for me
By the very- nature's glee
This randowm walk into thoughts
Take me to another day, beautiful as ever!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh with Hyderabad as a "Union Territory and also capital of the two regions" a conceivable idea?

It seems from what all the options pointed in SK report, this one is not only something which is acceptable as Hyderabad is not just given off to Nation but still stands as a capital of both regions. From the model of Chandigarh, this is something which can actually be tried as a permanent solution. Although the demand for separate Telangana is justified, looking at the purely political interventions into the issue, a clear solution could be articulated only with a proposal which has no bias for any of the regions. Also Hyderabad is increasingly being a point of national interest owing not only to its development but also to the historic significance it has ties with. One should understand that with this Hyderabad would "still be a part" of Telangana but also enjoys the distinction of being a "square capital" and also a "strategic point of nation".