Sunday, October 30, 2011

Never to return

I've been drenched in your love. And am dreaded still
That I could see no tomorrow if never comes this night
This night alludes me. Of the want that can kill
Till I see thee near me. And till you bring in me the light

Nor did I see you all day. And fear I can no more wait
Your smile can only fill my thirst. But no joy ever can.
I rushed to care for you, mind? Now you ought be no more late.
Fate that speaks for itself. And fate that held down this man.

I spoke not of thy beauty. I never could be so mean.
For you would desert me till death. And that left me daunted.
Never be it if you ever were to return. A moment that be seen
Queen, shall I not praise thee, of the world I never conquered.

Wonder that I never bespoke that you are in every that is mine
My breath, my eyes, my mind, and the solitude that you had stolen
I know, I know. You are gone forever but still I'm all thine
Nine of my lives I owe to penance. No greater can my pain be swollen.

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