Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A feeling...

In the moments while musing over the deepness of your eyes
My mind traverses through the strangest of the worlds

It's the feeling about you which entwines my spirits
To your hallowed and revered smile which enraptures me
At the merest gander. Confines me, your serene demeanor
To the microcosmic expanse comprised only of our souls

Luxuriant expressions you bear over your countenance
Alludes me to the beauties of seas. Resembles your hands
To the tender ones of mermaids awaiting their mates
I can only see twinkling stars in your blinking eyelashes

With your voice as mellifluous as the notes of a clarinet
A peaceful composure creeps in and substantiates my form
While flows from you, music of rarest and angelic delicacies
That surpasses in merit, the sweetest of nightingales

Your dance innervates me and I'm enmeshed and lost
Into the intricate pattern your foot steps make, which
Is indelibly inked in my heart, my eyes and my psyche
I've become a slave of your art and am caught up in you

Enamored by your beauty without which I be enfeebled
It's that feeling that forever binds my spirits to you.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love you...

I was walking down lane when I saw you first
For a moment I'd forgotten my origins
I felt the fragrance of the most piquant perfumes
And the ethereal space around me was filled
With your images floating around, yet holdeth not I
Subtlest of my senses titillated at your presence
Sheer heavens, called I the world for it created you
The touchstone of beauty and acme of perfection of god
Momentously my heart developed a craving for you
Love that never existed- invigorated in my soul
I'd found myself lost in your thoughts
If god giveth me a boon, I asketh his grace thy presence
With you, I conquer death and the cosmos
My love for you transcends to the farthest
And nigh impossibly imperceptible horizons
I love you to the depth of seas and that of skies
I love you my love. I love you.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A murder in the Villa

Lady of the house wakes from her repose
Her eyes seem to still be in lassitude
And her countenance in a state of morose
She pulls her night robes and asks
her maid to belt the corset and gown
Trembling and quivering walks she, briskly
To her man who was to head for town
As she closes him, she collapses into tears
Narrates the phantasm she bore that night
About gruesome creatures that flew over her
And macabre masquerade she danced in fright
She begs him not to desert her the time
He takes the mistress into his shoulders
And kisses her on forehead and construes her
Of the loss imminent, less the business
Comes she into her wits and let's him to way

Distressed and dreaded still, she moves to attic
And lies for a nap. A heavy voice nears to her
In a blink she finds herself in a castle, frantic
A man in black cloak walks her to the ball
While she asks if it was all a dream
"Yes my lady", answers he, "You're with death.
The ruler of this place and our supreme.
He's accepted you as a part of our spirit"
Palpitantly she runs towards a window
And jumps off, to only wake up in a shrill
None would come to her except for her shadow
She finds herself again, in midst of night
Lightly she walks and treads, as does a cat
And crawls she like a reptile. None yet in sight
Only until a strange sound filled the space

She rushes and gets into her possession a knife
Blunt enough to bruise and sharp enough to pierce
This side. Nah! That side. Echo is all at rife
Waves of tremor rippled down to her heart
At the door! Tells her mind of something bleak
She stands by it's side and awaits the moment
And then opens the door with creak and a squeak
Steady is she, like a pard that does for it's pray
At the flash of it's entrance, she jumps on
And stabs into it's neck and thumps it down
Follows a cry of pain and a cry of groan
She crouches to see and turns it around
A moment of stillness. Her heart freezes
Her blood seizes to flow. Her mind stagnates
Her vitality seems to end in all creases
As she realizes she murdered her own man.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Boredom ...

We've here many phases, that walk us down a day
Common to rejected, also to the dejected- nay
Ones we live with and those that've us, surround
Boredom creeps in our lives, and gets by- frowned

No one to share and noneth work that fits our flair
Nor we shall prepare. For we know, we be in despair
It pulls us from all there, and yes does from here
No more can we bear. Yet couldn't stop us to sere

Days go on this way, and all our nights- they pass away
What to light shall we say? And what to light shall we say?...:(

Can I be of worth some? After all I'm turning phantom
Not atleast gruesome. And not atleast beyond fathom
World seems like a desert with not an oasis around
Boredom creeped into my life, and had me all drowned

Each moment I'm on- counting, still time lays me waiting
Ah! Sleep does no abating, have no one that does the waking
Slowly my mind is corroding and something I see in, erazing
Feareth I while it's fazing, feareth I as it does the razing

Nights go on this way, and all my days- they pass away
what to stars shall I say? And what to stars shall I say?...:(

Sunday, June 5, 2011

L'amour immortel...

The moment I've seen you in my real senses
My emotions galvanized into an excitement
Which in my notions, have taken a living form
Alongside me, sharing elan vital of my existence

I've conceived you in my thoughts, and nurtured you
And this contour of yours has already become myself
You are in my shadows along with mine, silhouetted
And even in the most tenuous of my substance

With my art, I've molded you into the most exquisite
And most elegant beauty, the worlds have ever known
Mere sight at your sumptuous visage cause in me
An ensemble of music and dance, which pulsate my heart

Into this very creation of mine, I'm consumed in
Wherein lies my thoughts and my implicit presence
You've become a prisoner of my eyes, the thirst
Of which can only be gratified by your poignance

I offer you now the wine of my love by which
I shall immortalize you and we would transcend
To the blissful paradise I've structured for us
In armor of love, where we shall live in perpetuum.