Sunday, June 12, 2011

Boredom ...

We've here many phases, that walk us down a day
Common to rejected, also to the dejected- nay
Ones we live with and those that've us, surround
Boredom creeps in our lives, and gets by- frowned

No one to share and noneth work that fits our flair
Nor we shall prepare. For we know, we be in despair
It pulls us from all there, and yes does from here
No more can we bear. Yet couldn't stop us to sere

Days go on this way, and all our nights- they pass away
What to light shall we say? And what to light shall we say?...:(

Can I be of worth some? After all I'm turning phantom
Not atleast gruesome. And not atleast beyond fathom
World seems like a desert with not an oasis around
Boredom creeped into my life, and had me all drowned

Each moment I'm on- counting, still time lays me waiting
Ah! Sleep does no abating, have no one that does the waking
Slowly my mind is corroding and something I see in, erazing
Feareth I while it's fazing, feareth I as it does the razing

Nights go on this way, and all my days- they pass away
what to stars shall I say? And what to stars shall I say?...:(

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