Monday, October 15, 2012

White petals...

Strange that everything is light like air!
Flowing winds, carrying my thoughts along,
And myself along, take me
Through all the seven hidden worlds
Until I could smell the perfumes
Drizzling from your embellished hairs,
Embellished in natures finest petals.
This world is no more an illusion in the eyes!
It is but a illusion wherein I walk
Emptied, nascent and free
With nothing tracing my existence.
I'm both here and trascent-
Here- for your presence filled me
With the vital forces that carry me.
Yet eternal for my senses are sanctified
Feeling you and all that's yours!
And that which solely belongs to myself
Belongs not anymore for my soul disowned me
For your sake. Wish I that I shall find
There at your bosom, a refuge till all ends...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The voice ends or is tending to.
And the world beams it's heavy hand
To grapple off the podium,
Dragging the very surface I stand on.
I look back, smile and envy the long day
That took from the unending music
Of true nouns I every which way walked with.
And so the unreal objects that I danced with.
Am I in a time different from what I lived?
Or am I now with a soul that's lost
Into the everlasting silence I once craved for?
Ah! That silence that I only spelt but
Never seen or felt until now.
Scared away now, I crave to rush back,
With a longing I can no more sing about.
Is that a lost word? Or a world lost?
An unjust act thrusted upon me, benumbing.
For the yet-to-take-birth thoughts I stand forth,
Carrying truth with my breath and word,
And inching towards the time I shall live again.
The voice never ends.