Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Libertine, as though I'm, in thoughts and actions
Yet strangled into the mores of this world, by time
The scruple - only one of such- that turns up in me
Is for your sake, for your preeminence in my mind
That I take forth along with my humble senses
And that I fantasize to be in the Elysium of earth
As I lie in you, looking into your calmly eyes
While dreaming of my future that I'd vested with you
You but tantalize me and deprive me
Of thimbleful pleasure, your love, that I seek
For that be the lone sake I here remain
I can blissfully pass - let be it- to the infernal world
Or paradise. I possess no qualms or angst for this.
I hope that the Libertine in me would unfurl
As my soul would flow far. And fly farther
From you, and your bonds. It's not far from now.

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