Monday, January 21, 2013


Rushing, running with eyes closed,
I play like a child with worries none.
Never being closer to the ends,
Never touching the shores to heart,
And never swept by the wild winds so much,
I find myself warmed and content.
It calls to me again and again with cries,
Seeming each one be wept for me.
Longing for so long for it, when at last
I find it touching me, smothering me with love,
And asking for my eternal presence inside it,
I say to self, that I've seen the ends
And for ever can I walk with none,
For I've seen the worlds' loneliest daughter
Pitching for finding it's place
In my inner minds.
That never ending roar,
Those tears calling through the sands,
Scared away by my rush and I, never
Opening my wintered eyes, could never be one.
I'm no more a child but a being that exists not.   

Monday, October 15, 2012

White petals...

Strange that everything is light like air!
Flowing winds, carrying my thoughts along,
And myself along, take me
Through all the seven hidden worlds
Until I could smell the perfumes
Drizzling from your embellished hairs,
Embellished in natures finest petals.
This world is no more an illusion in the eyes!
It is but a illusion wherein I walk
Emptied, nascent and free
With nothing tracing my existence.
I'm both here and trascent-
Here- for your presence filled me
With the vital forces that carry me.
Yet eternal for my senses are sanctified
Feeling you and all that's yours!
And that which solely belongs to myself
Belongs not anymore for my soul disowned me
For your sake. Wish I that I shall find
There at your bosom, a refuge till all ends...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The voice ends or is tending to.
And the world beams it's heavy hand
To grapple off the podium,
Dragging the very surface I stand on.
I look back, smile and envy the long day
That took from the unending music
Of true nouns I every which way walked with.
And so the unreal objects that I danced with.
Am I in a time different from what I lived?
Or am I now with a soul that's lost
Into the everlasting silence I once craved for?
Ah! That silence that I only spelt but
Never seen or felt until now.
Scared away now, I crave to rush back,
With a longing I can no more sing about.
Is that a lost word? Or a world lost?
An unjust act thrusted upon me, benumbing.
For the yet-to-take-birth thoughts I stand forth,
Carrying truth with my breath and word,
And inching towards the time I shall live again.
The voice never ends.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Never to return

I've been drenched in your love. And am dreaded still
That I could see no tomorrow if never comes this night
This night alludes me. Of the want that can kill
Till I see thee near me. And till you bring in me the light

Nor did I see you all day. And fear I can no more wait
Your smile can only fill my thirst. But no joy ever can.
I rushed to care for you, mind? Now you ought be no more late.
Fate that speaks for itself. And fate that held down this man.

I spoke not of thy beauty. I never could be so mean.
For you would desert me till death. And that left me daunted.
Never be it if you ever were to return. A moment that be seen
Queen, shall I not praise thee, of the world I never conquered.

Wonder that I never bespoke that you are in every that is mine
My breath, my eyes, my mind, and the solitude that you had stolen
I know, I know. You are gone forever but still I'm all thine
Nine of my lives I owe to penance. No greater can my pain be swollen.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The counts

I count over my fingers, all that many moments
I've been distanced from being within your care
All of those that had thoroughly consumed me
All of those that impaired my mental faculties,
Vitiated my psyche and obliviated my cognition
I feel to this very instant the living death I've had
The very feeling that time had held my breath,
And strangled me till my life was nigh oozed out,
And last dribble of my blood seemed to wither away
Oh! Am I alive? Or am I at the gates of infernal hell?
I can no more feel the pain for my senses have
Exterminated by their-selves- for the thirst that'd never
Been quenched, the smell that was never smelt
For the warmth that never soothed my turbulent heart
And for the form that existed within me has ne'er been
Formed by my eyes again- by the beams of my hope.
Dead or alive, whatever be me. If alive I shall one day
Feel your beat. If dead you certainly shall feel my soul.
Awake I'd be till that moment. And I shall count'em all.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Damsel at window ...

While you peep into the world out of your cocoon
The sun shines with an aura and blush those stars
Which hide into the veil of the cloudy shades
A subtle smile from your moon like countenance
Can trample even the most callous hearts
And hath it's presence into deepest of dreams
With the slenderness of a french damsel
And tenderness of a fresh spawned rose
While you hold my unrelenting gaze towards you
And cherish in my memories which have born just
Shalth not any man give away his world for you?
For the priceless moments that forever brings those
Blissful images that are to forever stay into mind? Nay.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


While running the repertoire of our lives' routine
Our mind tends to become forgetful
Of the subtleties that had once been immensities
That had occupied even the subtlest of our being itself
But as time does the defiling of its nature,
Those moments tend to loose their sheen
And obliviated be those who'd its very substance been.

In the moment I realized that it was you and
Your memories, whose form failed to contain in me
I erupted into what would else-wise be perceived
To be in a state of utter chaos. I but pledge
That my reverence to you and my fidelity
Towards you - be sustained until my last breath
And until the least of my living symbionts.

With this promise I shall now emancipate myself
From the restraints that have been binding me here
To this mean world. And shall undergo the catharsis
Of the worldly emotions and materials except
For your enigma, and for the veritable beauty that you are
Which alone, I believe can sublime my existence to eternity.