Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Her fondered child...

The pearls that flow from your eternal eyes
To the womb of mother earth, while
Her swollen hearts' pain tumults her
As she's enraged against the cause
Of the distress you holdeth in thy mind
She can not see her fondered child
A pristine wonder, you, to carry forth
The agony of the worlds that she once
Bore into herself, while being bereft
Of all the heavenly delights
For you, which she parted with
Yet this moment brings her to dire past
That she never wanted you to even glimpse
But as time fabricated and schemed this
To impose upon you, it's wrath

For I beholden to her, my life
She turned to me, as I promised her
To protect you like your shadows
And to be with your tear drops in thine eyes
To cleanse and faden your pains
I'm here for her promise, I'm here for you
I'm here for this life, to walk you through.

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