Saturday, September 24, 2011

Damsel at window ...

While you peep into the world out of your cocoon
The sun shines with an aura and blush those stars
Which hide into the veil of the cloudy shades
A subtle smile from your moon like countenance
Can trample even the most callous hearts
And hath it's presence into deepest of dreams
With the slenderness of a french damsel
And tenderness of a fresh spawned rose
While you hold my unrelenting gaze towards you
And cherish in my memories which have born just
Shalth not any man give away his world for you?
For the priceless moments that forever brings those
Blissful images that are to forever stay into mind? Nay.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


While running the repertoire of our lives' routine
Our mind tends to become forgetful
Of the subtleties that had once been immensities
That had occupied even the subtlest of our being itself
But as time does the defiling of its nature,
Those moments tend to loose their sheen
And obliviated be those who'd its very substance been.

In the moment I realized that it was you and
Your memories, whose form failed to contain in me
I erupted into what would else-wise be perceived
To be in a state of utter chaos. I but pledge
That my reverence to you and my fidelity
Towards you - be sustained until my last breath
And until the least of my living symbionts.

With this promise I shall now emancipate myself
From the restraints that have been binding me here
To this mean world. And shall undergo the catharsis
Of the worldly emotions and materials except
For your enigma, and for the veritable beauty that you are
Which alone, I believe can sublime my existence to eternity.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Starry Night ...

Oh! Such a beautiful starry night
I'm amazed to gaze into it's deeps
Adorned the way you bejewel self
With the pearls that twinkle over you
To the days you filled the light
And the colours of my life that ye were
It pulled me back, to moments I'd been in
This deja vu I'm now feelin'
Far not love. It feels only yesterday.
The days we made together
But it feels for-ever and far as ever
Hopeful tomorrow each moment I look for.

All a sudden it's become clouded
It felt just like that day we parted
Into their gloomy shadows faded
Each of those beauties I'm now deprived
When until shall I wait for thee?
For the rain of love you to pour over me
Withering I am in all the blood
And case the same with my breath
Save me heart and fill me with life
And with your care to vigorate mine
I beg, I beg till your heart shalt melt
And till my soul's pain, to you it reacheth.