Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy birthday Sachin ...!!!

On the shoulders of giants we are
With the shadows of saints we walk

Some are here to share love with us
And some, here for our pains' shares

You've an origin that's so humble
And ferocity making opponents crumble

There were times both good and bad
Challenges wherein our adrenaline had seethed

But you walked us down all the path
Sober and patient. With only smile and no wrath

I remember that day I wanted to be you
Until I realised u're God, and it's true

World knows it. That we be it's lords
Till you are with us. It forever accords

I'm here right now. Under your sheathe
On the land with air, you walk and breathe

Our nation is proud for your services to her
With gratitude and price that couldn't be repaid for

And yet another year to come
You're going to fill joy in our lives
I'm sure sir. You deserve the greatest honour.

Wishing you a very very delightful birthday...!!!

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