Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love you...

I was walking down lane when I saw you first
For a moment I'd forgotten my origins
I felt the fragrance of the most piquant perfumes
And the ethereal space around me was filled
With your images floating around, yet holdeth not I
Subtlest of my senses titillated at your presence
Sheer heavens, called I the world for it created you
The touchstone of beauty and acme of perfection of god
Momentously my heart developed a craving for you
Love that never existed- invigorated in my soul
I'd found myself lost in your thoughts
If god giveth me a boon, I asketh his grace thy presence
With you, I conquer death and the cosmos
My love for you transcends to the farthest
And nigh impossibly imperceptible horizons
I love you to the depth of seas and that of skies
I love you my love. I love you.

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