Monday, March 28, 2011

Broken hearts...

A wait, a restraint, and a hope
What not, this purging heart, has been left to
The love can no more be stinted
Nor can the feelings be quenched, you're no one
To do so, to break so- though it's you that started
No more it is, there left with you, the control of it
It's a bloody ocean. Of twisted tales and blunted souls.
You know not, how the gossamer of my dreams build you up
You occupied a territory. Can never let go.
Floating memories of you. They have already consumed me.
A body of flesh with decadent spirits can never go on- this very way
Future seems bleak. Are you in still?
It'll be late. And I can no more wait.
You know. I bear no grudge. It's Upto you.
You know your mistake. Your heart does.
This is the last note I leave.
A second or so, I'll be there.
Hope it would be free of this. Everything.
Even you and me. I'll rest there now.
Bye dear. If ever. No never.

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