Saturday, July 16, 2011


I walk. I tread. And I stagger. I then fall.
For the promise I had made, even if I had to crawl
Waketh I. To carry moments parting us and the step each
My eyes nearing you. For all the strength, I beseech
His almighty.And over and over your name I drawl.

Brings me to our days, the hope that I carry along
Along with my dwindling breath and my sapless song
I wonder. If my memory is what I am, why taketh not it
To that priceless age. Yes aware I am it taketh all grit
For passing to you, to your shelter- the last of I long.

While even nature has pouncing upon- as it whips me
And by the mares that oppress and that make me flee
Deprived I'm, of sleeping with beautiful nights
And ceasing to the netherworld is among my frights
Yet it's for you. That such world, still binds me free

The way I was bewitched and enchanted, I'm reminiscent,
By your eternal charm which rendered me nescient
For all those blissful instants I was before you, except
For all the delighted and animated of my senses' percept
This very spell you had on me keeps my journey incessant.