Monday, April 11, 2011

The Capricious Life

The moments set before us
And the events that take a turn

All have a part to play
In what this life has to lay

Each of them carries along
Wisdom and it's very own song

There are hands to conjure upon you
And many challenges to get through

It takes the pain of a life
To fight and forget each strife

But yet my friend, I have a say
The caprices all aren't forever to stay

If you fight alone. Sure it's tough
But together are we. No more is it gruff

Let time decide where our paths be led
We shall but converge where before we said

The trick of life is here revealed
Let the joy and pain be all unveiled

Share and spread what you feel
Ligher and better your heart would reel

Take life just as a present
That you carry without any resent

You'll love all those moments
As you do, a cologne's scents

Remember this forever
You'd be happy as ever

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