Sunday, October 30, 2011

Never to return

I've been drenched in your love. And am dreaded still
That I could see no tomorrow if never comes this night
This night alludes me. Of the want that can kill
Till I see thee near me. And till you bring in me the light

Nor did I see you all day. And fear I can no more wait
Your smile can only fill my thirst. But no joy ever can.
I rushed to care for you, mind? Now you ought be no more late.
Fate that speaks for itself. And fate that held down this man.

I spoke not of thy beauty. I never could be so mean.
For you would desert me till death. And that left me daunted.
Never be it if you ever were to return. A moment that be seen
Queen, shall I not praise thee, of the world I never conquered.

Wonder that I never bespoke that you are in every that is mine
My breath, my eyes, my mind, and the solitude that you had stolen
I know, I know. You are gone forever but still I'm all thine
Nine of my lives I owe to penance. No greater can my pain be swollen.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The counts

I count over my fingers, all that many moments
I've been distanced from being within your care
All of those that had thoroughly consumed me
All of those that impaired my mental faculties,
Vitiated my psyche and obliviated my cognition
I feel to this very instant the living death I've had
The very feeling that time had held my breath,
And strangled me till my life was nigh oozed out,
And last dribble of my blood seemed to wither away
Oh! Am I alive? Or am I at the gates of infernal hell?
I can no more feel the pain for my senses have
Exterminated by their-selves- for the thirst that'd never
Been quenched, the smell that was never smelt
For the warmth that never soothed my turbulent heart
And for the form that existed within me has ne'er been
Formed by my eyes again- by the beams of my hope.
Dead or alive, whatever be me. If alive I shall one day
Feel your beat. If dead you certainly shall feel my soul.
Awake I'd be till that moment. And I shall count'em all.