Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reveries ...

When people talk about memories
All what they want is to reel back time
To the moments of play and days of fun
Which they miss and that are tending to fade

But this poor being has them here engrossed
Each and every moment from past, deeply sorbed
And fenced into the very fabric of my thoughts
They've already become a part and so define me

They tend to cause to create inchoate fantasies
Composed I am of, which prempt my faculties
I'm caught up in reveries, in dawn and dusks
My eyes form a clear projection of the same

My mind turns into a delirium of joy and of pain
While smile floats up- me and tears crawl down
I don't miss them anymore. For I'm taken into them
As if time has played charades with me, I'm lost in

This new world of reminiscences, I'm longing
To remain there and I'm skeptic if I'm ever to return
Dreams are the only place in this world. That show us
Reflections of memories. And compliment of the reality.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Miss you...!!!

If you ask how far, I would say worlds apart
I heard from you last, not a less, feel a decade past

Yet you are near to me, right here in my heart's cove
And I hear you close, through the music of my love

It's out of count now. The times I broke of the pains
That rips me off and Ah! Gushing through my veins

I can't bear any more. Still I keep things to my chest
But one day sure, the feelings may rush out, I lest

If only words express love, I shalt fail to venture mine
Eyes and voice, and my soul's essence, all render me thine

If I am calm and still, my care for you is no less
Only that I wait for you and your word, to have me in bliss

I have no birds here, that carry my sonnets to thee
And tell you how much I miss you, and my hope to see!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


The incomprehensible little things

They are there. In the books of love
And follow each moment. Of joy and pain

Yes the pain for love and that from same
And all the joys of this world

In all these moments your mind is calm
But there goes in your heart, a wavy psalm

Our soul is incomplete without these pearls
For the burst of feelings and all the snirls

When the words end on the tip of tongue
It's up for the eyes to churn the unsung

Poor beings. Our hearts have only one language
With tears and beats, they speak the passage

All those lovely moments of this rain
And the ones who caused this sweet pain

They are buried here forver
Deep in my heart's tranquil river

I'm poor at words to tell any more
Let me do with another run of sore :(

Thursday, May 5, 2011

In my dreams...!!!

I walked alongside, caressing her hairs
As she smiled and dispelled drops of rain over

Her presence drew remotest of my senses to life
And poured into my eyes, a jovial shine of joy

With an enigmatic gesture, she murmured then hushed
While I got a glimpse of her cheeks, blushed

For a moment I found myself baffled and numbed
Yet I couldn't get the lingo of my damsel unravelled
She closed my eyes and whispered, "My love!
For you I breathe and for you I live

The very rhythm of my heart says it's you.
And the utterance of your name makes me blew.

I stay here safe and I stay here still.
In the warmth of my heart, you here until.

I don't want else. Anything on this earth.
For you are my heaven and there's not a dearth"

Will you care for me and walk with me dear?
And let me into your lap, my home forever."

Her love is divine and had got me enslaved
I found my prize for which I craved

No bounds and limits. I'm the happiest man
With her and the love, I win, it's the world I can

I wake up to find
That was a dream.

I got her, yes!
Oh! Not yet I guess.

I shall but one day
And she'll be mine

But hey! Who's she there
And how shall I find!!!