Friday, September 3, 2010

The 2nd Moon

And then opens a whole world of joy and play, the moment your voice rings in my heart!
Not for a day or not for a year, I can stay all awake for you till my soul is here!!
Unto the horizon where our hearts touch and cling, extend the rhythm of the ballads I sing!
Shoon does envy when we walk through the night, for you are close to me than does its light!!
Hath a present for you my dear, where your foot prints are left with deep impression in here!
At the dawn of the day when I realized you’ve gone from my life, I was left with that token and filled with tears!!
Can you not hear and can you not feel, when the closet reverberates at the drop of the tears!
For they say love is eternal and transcends to heavens, I wait in for you till it brings you along.!!