Monday, January 21, 2013


Rushing, running with eyes closed,
I play like a child with worries none.
Never being closer to the ends,
Never touching the shores to heart,
And never swept by the wild winds so much,
I find myself warmed and content.
It calls to me again and again with cries,
Seeming each one be wept for me.
Longing for so long for it, when at last
I find it touching me, smothering me with love,
And asking for my eternal presence inside it,
I say to self, that I've seen the ends
And for ever can I walk with none,
For I've seen the worlds' loneliest daughter
Pitching for finding it's place
In my inner minds.
That never ending roar,
Those tears calling through the sands,
Scared away by my rush and I, never
Opening my wintered eyes, could never be one.
I'm no more a child but a being that exists not.