Sunday, May 15, 2011

Miss you...!!!

If you ask how far, I would say worlds apart
I heard from you last, not a less, feel a decade past

Yet you are near to me, right here in my heart's cove
And I hear you close, through the music of my love

It's out of count now. The times I broke of the pains
That rips me off and Ah! Gushing through my veins

I can't bear any more. Still I keep things to my chest
But one day sure, the feelings may rush out, I lest

If only words express love, I shalt fail to venture mine
Eyes and voice, and my soul's essence, all render me thine

If I am calm and still, my care for you is no less
Only that I wait for you and your word, to have me in bliss

I have no birds here, that carry my sonnets to thee
And tell you how much I miss you, and my hope to see!!!

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