Sunday, June 5, 2011

L'amour immortel...

The moment I've seen you in my real senses
My emotions galvanized into an excitement
Which in my notions, have taken a living form
Alongside me, sharing elan vital of my existence

I've conceived you in my thoughts, and nurtured you
And this contour of yours has already become myself
You are in my shadows along with mine, silhouetted
And even in the most tenuous of my substance

With my art, I've molded you into the most exquisite
And most elegant beauty, the worlds have ever known
Mere sight at your sumptuous visage cause in me
An ensemble of music and dance, which pulsate my heart

Into this very creation of mine, I'm consumed in
Wherein lies my thoughts and my implicit presence
You've become a prisoner of my eyes, the thirst
Of which can only be gratified by your poignance

I offer you now the wine of my love by which
I shall immortalize you and we would transcend
To the blissful paradise I've structured for us
In armor of love, where we shall live in perpetuum.

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