Saturday, April 2, 2011

To my Stranger, with Love

Amid crackles of its routine I heard, lying down, rhythm of her footsteps
While vestiges of her perfume filled the air as she walked unto me

Being tweaked by her soft and keen voice, I sprang swiftly to face her
Not a tick waiting. Her countenance had a morning’s shine and glow

She had the air of a prima ballerina. And the eloquence of a Bharat-Natyam artist
With a face fledged and apparently holding the charm of moon in full

Eyes with an astral sparkle seemed pure and serene, just as those of newborns
Expressive and vivid eyes of her had the power of delivering sensuous pleasure

Little brows fixed like crescents in dark mesmerize at the very sight
When each of them dance together or apart, reminded me of mythical angels

Her hairs had the beauty of a frozen fall and her rosy lips did enthrall
It seemed as if Venus had herself chiseled this piece of art and poured life in

After being lost into a while of doze I got into senses and could hear her
I mumbled while doting upon her smile, the effect of which would persist long

If facial gestures were by itself a language, she had the command of a linguist
And delectable was her expressive mood. A tacit lullaby and an aura of subtlety

For a stare into her eyes a smile would return. The price of which is eternity
And for a gaze into her smile her eyes would speak. In the language of heavens

The day had passed while I’d learnt her jargon
But she disappeared into her way while I’d drawn the paragon

Richer by that day and poorer by other nights
No more were the eyes and no more were the smiles

I regretted in the moment that I weren’t a painter
For the memories of her - only turned fainter

Can I not find them. Hey can I not search them?
Not just in my dreams but even in the gleams

Oh my stranger. Miss you a much
My dear stranger. Not before as such


  1. sai: ur in love wid dis stranger...!!!
    u know her name right?
    i think u dont need to miss her much..find her..get in touch..
    i'll also like to meet her...find her dude!!

  2. :) Nice. Did you really see such a girl? We poets are such hypocrites...trying to fake our way with girls ;) But with the kind of praise you heap on this girl, if you'd tried a tad more, you'd have succeeded :)

  3. tejas , well as i said, everything is real in this my world ! ;)