Friday, August 26, 2011

A past...

When I tend to read through my memory
I recognize you were there a past full
This moment may not be so far, but what
I felt, it had happened a life away
May be that it was only a dream, Or
May be when I was passive to the world
I now realize it was really real and true it was
But that only I lie helpless here
It welters my heart as though my breath
Swooned until lies in me- else but no life
And like I had a terrible pouring of ever
Distressing times which fail to leave me
What at all shall I do for me?
Shall I erase all the past I fancied each day? Or
Shall I move into a tranced inane self?
I seek no answers from thee. Not a silence either.
Yeah, how would you know for you'd never
Looked into me. Alas! You'd ever wanted not.
I'm turning this page down and never I shall moan
For that was just a memory which I'd just un-sown.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Libertine, as though I'm, in thoughts and actions
Yet strangled into the mores of this world, by time
The scruple - only one of such- that turns up in me
Is for your sake, for your preeminence in my mind
That I take forth along with my humble senses
And that I fantasize to be in the Elysium of earth
As I lie in you, looking into your calmly eyes
While dreaming of my future that I'd vested with you
You but tantalize me and deprive me
Of thimbleful pleasure, your love, that I seek
For that be the lone sake I here remain
I can blissfully pass - let be it- to the infernal world
Or paradise. I possess no qualms or angst for this.
I hope that the Libertine in me would unfurl
As my soul would flow far. And fly farther
From you, and your bonds. It's not far from now.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Our days pass as though we haven't known each other
As you veered into a world of oblivion, while I still wake for day
In hope of hearing your word, while strangely it wanders in me
Through all those memories that reap me down to nothingness
Relentlessly they remind me of our times that truly were ours

While all the world I knew was just you and me and the sand castles
That I built while you broke right into'em. Yet smiling your way
With an innocent blush which compelled me to hold no grudge for you
Yes I remember them, those empty days when you deserted me
What did I know of anything? I missed none but your shoulders

And the days of our play. While we ran past air and you crouch
So as to lead me into your pranks and raise to slap me over
I could never manage your peppy moves but again they waver me
Away and then so far you went. Mind I wept for thee unspoken
Times, each I had none to express. What say I ? And who else to?

Lo all these years so away we were. Holds us still, the tender affection
We built while we played and fought under the same sun and rain
Sharing the deep emotions and pains through a flimsy veil of friendship
That bonds us and closes-in, in its love and holy spirit, protecting forever
In possession I'm- a gem, the closest of my friends that you are.