Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reveries ...

When people talk about memories
All what they want is to reel back time
To the moments of play and days of fun
Which they miss and that are tending to fade

But this poor being has them here engrossed
Each and every moment from past, deeply sorbed
And fenced into the very fabric of my thoughts
They've already become a part and so define me

They tend to cause to create inchoate fantasies
Composed I am of, which prempt my faculties
I'm caught up in reveries, in dawn and dusks
My eyes form a clear projection of the same

My mind turns into a delirium of joy and of pain
While smile floats up- me and tears crawl down
I don't miss them anymore. For I'm taken into them
As if time has played charades with me, I'm lost in

This new world of reminiscences, I'm longing
To remain there and I'm skeptic if I'm ever to return
Dreams are the only place in this world. That show us
Reflections of memories. And compliment of the reality.

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