Friday, August 26, 2011

A past...

When I tend to read through my memory
I recognize you were there a past full
This moment may not be so far, but what
I felt, it had happened a life away
May be that it was only a dream, Or
May be when I was passive to the world
I now realize it was really real and true it was
But that only I lie helpless here
It welters my heart as though my breath
Swooned until lies in me- else but no life
And like I had a terrible pouring of ever
Distressing times which fail to leave me
What at all shall I do for me?
Shall I erase all the past I fancied each day? Or
Shall I move into a tranced inane self?
I seek no answers from thee. Not a silence either.
Yeah, how would you know for you'd never
Looked into me. Alas! You'd ever wanted not.
I'm turning this page down and never I shall moan
For that was just a memory which I'd just un-sown.

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