Friday, March 4, 2011

Chords of life

Read with stress on first few words each aloud and read with a cadence. You'll feel the difference.

"Life is like string of a guitar
When there is someone to strike it's chords, it sounds good
When there is none, it sits at a corner mourning
Likewise if you find none to touch your heart
You still go on - but you are short of something
So subtle is that thing - the feeling - the difference
You'll know it every moment - but can't pin it down
Until you find the right plectrum
That's the right person - ask him/ her
Not just to be a part of life
But if can strike your inner chords - the deeper heart
To be truly a changer - of every moment of yours
The one who can fill that subtle gap
That's what you must be in search of
Through time and through space
Sure, one day you will know - You will find
Then you win it all...Yourr life... !!!"

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