Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A feeling...

In the moments while musing over the deepness of your eyes
My mind traverses through the strangest of the worlds

It's the feeling about you which entwines my spirits
To your hallowed and revered smile which enraptures me
At the merest gander. Confines me, your serene demeanor
To the microcosmic expanse comprised only of our souls

Luxuriant expressions you bear over your countenance
Alludes me to the beauties of seas. Resembles your hands
To the tender ones of mermaids awaiting their mates
I can only see twinkling stars in your blinking eyelashes

With your voice as mellifluous as the notes of a clarinet
A peaceful composure creeps in and substantiates my form
While flows from you, music of rarest and angelic delicacies
That surpasses in merit, the sweetest of nightingales

Your dance innervates me and I'm enmeshed and lost
Into the intricate pattern your foot steps make, which
Is indelibly inked in my heart, my eyes and my psyche
I've become a slave of your art and am caught up in you

Enamored by your beauty without which I be enfeebled
It's that feeling that forever binds my spirits to you.


  1. hmm.. nice 1.. is dis poem fictional... or ur writing abt some1 special.. do put light on this matter.. seems sai has met some1 special!..what say sai??

  2. it's jst a poem ... tho abt a real person...