Sunday, February 21, 2010

Leaves start shedding... ...

I should start by telling a story about a tree and a leaf of its.

One day the tree finds that the first leaf is about to shed for the season. It remembers how green, how lively it used to be but now its almost dry and weak, and dying. The leaf sees her mother weeping, for it's going to part forever. The leaf is in vain , no one to care and nothing to fare. But hope is, what people say, never to be lost. And alas! The leaf sheds. It found a new companion. Wind. The travel has started for never to end. It finds all along, many friends- dust, droplets, insects. Lost life has given it a way to serve.

So friends the non sequitur moral from the story is:
Let the waves build, the tide will be higher.

One question : What for this story and moral are here ?
Answer: I don't know. I just wanted to look cool by putting something philosophical or something which holds no meaning and almost nothing can be inferred from what's said but still seems knowledgeable.
There are no reasons you should give a damn to this. Now come on. Don't know how many movies we watch, which present things superfluously, waste more time on trying to look cool than to really be cool.
So whatever it is- the leaves are shedding. Pick those up, put them in the bin. And please your invaluable comments - after you read these, throwing one isn't tougher.

"This blog is dedicated to the great copycats of India- for they have created a whole new western world here."

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  1. Well as you said neither there is any morale in the story nor anything to learn but its a common thing which everyone comes across in their daily life but no one would have discovered the beauty in it as you did and no one would have been able to present it the way you did!!!Insignificant but noteworthy........Keep going!!!!