Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shall see you ....!!!

When my eyes wide open, and flows near, a bunch of images not to say-never can catch - never to return, to the unforgettable past, the colours that i had never known before and those you had
Black in its purest form in your eyes,
Fair- the clearest and flawless on your pretty face,
And red voluptuous lips - I've never seen better strawberries,
Hairs brown and soft just as sprouting leaves
Yellow silk attire on you glows as it feels your touch
Pink nails and green nerves on your tender hands
Round silvery rings on thin and curvy ears
And more yet say and more yet to praise
Still flow here the moments of the dawn and dusk
Before my eyes-oh my angel! you have left me
With all those tears I'm counting yet
I shall pour on you, ever again if that moment comes
The of elixer of love, the moment comes ever - I see thee!!!

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